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Hot This Spring: Shades of Blue

Shades of blue are becoming increasingly popular in home décor this spring season. Blues are moody, soft, calming, and beautiful. Better yet, it is such a versatile color that you can find a shade that works in your client’s home no matter the look, whether it modern, traditional, or even bohemian.

Hot this spring is cobalt and azure blue, shades that are rich, alluring, dramatic, and calming. Blue is dependable, so you can always count on the color pairing well with a multitude of color schemes. Cobalt blue looks great when paired with a juicy orange, creating a fun and carefree touch to your client’s room, while azure blue pairs really beautifully with copper and sandy neutrals.

If those shades aren’t your favorite, there’s navy, turquoise, and also sky blue, amongst many more. So choose a shade that fits your personality and works with the look you’re aiming for, and you won’t be disappointed.

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