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Examining This Year's Flooring Trends

Flooring can make or break a room, and there is nothing worse than outdated floors, especially when they’re only a few years old. With flooring, the goal is to have floors that are timeless, practical, and beautiful, so that they can last for decades in your home. Your floors are the foundation for how you create your space, so we’ve compiled our top flooring trends to guide you in designing a home that is solid from the floors up for many years to come.


Still the most preferred flooring surface, hardwood is available in a wide variety of textures, colors, and patterns. Not only is hardwood a classic, timeless flooring option, it also adds more character and authenticity to your floors.

Natural, Wood-Look Flooring

If you love hardwood but want a waterproof product, this is the trend that you’ll want to focus on. Homeowners are gravitating towards more natural looks with stone and wood, and thanks to technology, you can get this look with luxury vinyl and laminate, while still getting the look of wood or stone.


No matter your design preferences, there should be a color trend that suits your style. Aside from classic dark hardwood, there will be heavy demand for blonde and grey woods, and if you can’t decide between light and dark, try mixing the two shades to make your floors more unique.

Area Rugs

With the rise in hard surfaces, homeowners are incorporating area rugs to add warmth, a soft underfoot, and extra personality to their space. As trends or seasons change, area rugs can be swapped out for a different pattern or a color to give your room a fresh update.

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