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8 Interior Design Trends Taking Over This Summer

With each new year and new season, we often hear about the trends that will be or that are already taking the interior world by storm. While we always stress that the best design comes from your heart, we know that sometimes we crave a bit of inspiration. Give your interiors a fresh start this summer with the trends that are warming up in home design. We’ve compiled our favorite trends that we can’t wait to see enter into more homes this year.

Florals & Bold Botanical Prints: In season both literally and figuratively, we are seeing more floral and botanical prints make their way to pillows, comforters, hand towels, artwork, and chairs. Don’t be afraid to add these prints to your décor for an instant mood boost!

Embellishments: Tassels, feathers, and macramé will be popping up all over in home accessories this year as embellishments continue to be popular. You’ll see tassels on blankets, fringe on pillows, and macramé on seat cushions. If you want to add character and texture to your room, this is an easy way to do so!

Geometric Patterns: You will see geometric patterns taking over your walls and floors this summer. These patterns will mostly be used in kitchens and bathrooms, both as backsplashes and flooring. Wallpaper is making its comeback, and with that, many homeowners are lusting over geometric wallpaper to add character and elegance to their space.

Curated Spaces: Homeowners want their home to be a reflection of their experiences and their personality, so curated pieces are all the rage this summer. Collected objects hold more value in a room than a perfectly picked out piece from a retail store, so bring your experiences into your home to tell your story.

Greenery: Houseplants are a must have in any home. Not only do they add color to yours space, but they also boast many health benefits. If plants aren’t your thing, you can still bring nature in by adding green tones to your walls or furniture.

Pineapples:  This fruit has a sweet spot in design right now and should have your creative juices flowing. Pineapples are being incorporated in all aspects of design, including wallpaper, towels, dishes, and accent pieces. Pineapples are a fun way to add a little carefree energy to a room.

Pops of Color: Still a strong trend in interior design that we don’t see leaving anytime soon. Bold pops of color serves to add character, pizazz, and personality, while allowing you to let your personality shine through.

Glitzy Gold: One of the hot trends that we’ll see this summer in home design is the use of gold, both in large and small doses. Gold details will add elegance and sophistication to your home. You’ll see gold used in hardware, frames, lighting, and on your walls.

What is your favorite trend of this upcoming season?

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